The 14.5 Meter Fast Patrol boat is a well-equipped vessel designed for a full coastal patrol duties. It has a width of 3.0 meters, weighs 8 tons, a draught of 700mm, and manned by 6 crews but can accommodate a maximum of 8. The boat maneuvers at a maximum speed of 55 miles/hr in a range of 300 miles. The boat is made of fiber-reinforced glass and can be armed with a 12.7mm automatic machine gun with IR fully controlled from a remote station, 1 manual 12.7mm aft position, and 2 minimi automatic machine guns on both sides. Its main responsibilities are to conduct coastal patrol operations, Search and rescue missions and to deter and defend the UAE territorial waters against attack mounted by sea-borne forces.


L.O.A. (Engines Down): 15.00 Meter
Breadth: 3.00 Meter
Draft: 0.70 Meter
Crew: 4 – 8
Tank Capacity: 1,135 Liters (300 US Gallons)
Propulsion: 3 x 300 HP Mercury Verado Outboard Engines
Maximum Speed: 45 Knots
Cruising Speed: 35 Knots
Power: 12 kVa Generator
Armaments (can be fitted with) : 12.7mm (Fully Remote Control): 12.7mm (Manual) / 2 x 5.56 Minimi
Air-conditioning System: 2 x 24,000 BTU Climma