Al Fattan Ship Industry took a bold step to build and introduce the first high-performance Combat Boat in the UAE. Designed and engineered by Al Fattan Ship Industry – Composite Division, the 16 Meter Combat Boat has the capability to deliver a large group of troops into combat zone through rough and shallow waters at a high rate of speed. It was constructed from a combination of fiberglass and aluminum fit-outs to minimize lightship weight and maximize its capacity to carry combat-ready troops, gears, weapons, ammunition, a captain, and a helmsman, along with all other provisions. The Combat Boat was built to serve as a fast-attack and multi-purpose military boat that can be utilized for:


  • Combat
  • Troop Carrier
  • Patrolling / Intercepting
  • Surveillance
  • Interdiction
  • Search and Rescue


Length Overall (LOA): 16.00 Meter
Breadth: 3.90 Meter
Depth: 1.80 Meter
Troops: 12 + 2
Tank Capacity: 2,200 Liters (581 US Gallons)
Engine: 2 x 847kW (1136 HP) Caterpillar
Propulsion: 2 x HJ403 HamiltonJet
Maximum Speed: 50 Knots
Genset: Fischer Panda 15,000 NE PMS