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Well Points

Well point method is also called as vacuum well point method. The method is to place the collecting points connected to pumping pipes inside a small diameter well and arranged in a line or rectangle. Multiple closely spaced wells connected by pipes to a strong pump. Multiple lines or stages of well point are required for excavations more than 5m below the groundwater table. The collecting points are usually separated by 0.8-0.2 m. The top of the pumping pipe is connected to common collecting pipe called header. Drawing out pore water from the soil and lowering the ground water level accordingly. This method is a type of forced draining method. The well theory is aimed at a relationship between the discharge quantity and drawdown. The relationship between the discharge quantity and the drawdown can be either solved by mathematical formula or numerical ground water modeling.

Deepwell Dewatering

Deepwell dewatering systems lower groundwater levels using a series of drilled wells, each fitted with its own electric submersible pump. Large drawdown as much as 40 meters can be achieved. Deepwells are ideally suited to granular soils and rocks, where the permeability is medium to high. The number, depth, and spacing of wells along with size of pumps can be adjusted to meet site conditions.

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