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Al Fattan Services

Building the 

Future Together


We, at Alfattan, live up to our name in providing 24/7 services to support our clients on their needs. Whether On-site assistance or technical and remote support, Alfattan ensures that our hotlines are open and personnel is ready to listen and solve client queries. Our efforts are focused on the continuous improvement of our services to ensure consistency in terms of delivery and customer satisfaction.

Quotation Request and Bidding

Alfattan reviews the customer requests and provides customized proposals to ensure that the they get the most cost effective and technically superior solutions for their specific requirements. The bidding is done by our experienced techno-commercial team by partnering with the best equipment manufacturers & service providers available in the international market.

Contract Award

All awarded contracts undergo a thorough scrutiny by Alfattan’s Contracting & Legal Team of experienced lawyers & contract professionals. All contractual terms & conditions are mutually discussed and agreed with the clients in the most amicable manner.  


Alfattan has a full-fledged design facility with qualified & experienced Naval Architects & Design Engineers. Their innovative design approach using the most advanced technologies & software has produced various superior and cost-effective designs which have been well accepted by our clients.


Alfattan has developed long-term partnerships with most of the reputed manufacturers & suppliers around the globe. These long-term association helps our procurement team to source any types of materials & services that helps smooth execution of our projects. Moreover, we have a full-fledged experienced Procurement team and very efficient sub-contracting procedures in place.

8 Phases Project Management Process

With years of experience Alfattan devised 6 steps to successfully deliver the  projects. Alfattan project management team plan and identify the risks involved in every project in advance, therefore plan will be defined to mitigate the identified risks  prior execution of the project. Alfattan is equipped with Qualified & Experienced personnel to meet class, statutory & client requirements.

Planning & Scheduling

Upon receipt of a contract our Planning team breaks down the work scope into different smaller work packages. These activities are sequentially arranged and linked using the shortest possible critical path to prepare a Project Schedule. This scheduling is done so professionally to ensure timely and convenient project execution.

Project Management

Alfattan has a strong Project Management Team with highly qualified and experienced professionals. They use the latest management techniques to ensure timely completion of the projects and maximum client satisfaction. Regular project progress reviews & reporting are performed as per Company’s corporate governance / standard operating procedures.


Alfattan uses the latest advance materials and properly executed by our qualified engineers to meet the client satisfaction.

Product Delivery & Acceptance

Alfattan ensures the projects are completed within the committed schedules and to the best quality standards exceeding the expectations of our clients.

We strive to provide our clients:

  1. Best Technical solutions to world-class standards.

  2. Most reliable products & services.

  3. Timely delivery.

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